Braband Film and Video is a production company headquartered in an over 120-year-old Victorian in Alameda, California. Centrally located in the Bay Area, minutes from San Francisco and San Jose. We specialize in Camera packages, Crewing and Equipment rental. We create industrial, corporate, broadcast, and commercial programming for our clients.

There is an obvious correlation why Braband Film and Video is located in an old Victorian. Back then architects designed houses that commanded respect. They were built to last, with tradition, skill, technology, and craftsmanship.

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This brings us to the present and how Braband Film and Video relates. Respect, skill, technology, craftsmanship, lasting tradition, are all words still used today at Braband Film and Video.

Braband Film and Video believes in relationships, lasting ones. We have clients who come back, year after year. Each time they get the same great foundation but with increased technology, like HD cameras that shoot in P2, AVC Intra, AVCCAM, and DVC Pro. We create productions, which last a lifetime. Tradition never disappears.

Since 1980, tradition, respect, technology, skills, and craftsmanship, have driven Braband Film and Video to be one of the Bay Area’s top production companies. Just like the architects of the past, we will build a project for you that commands respect, and creates a new and lasting relationship with us.