"Kevin Braband always takes care of us. It gives us great confidence to know that when we need his help, he'll deliver." "Braband Film and Video rocks!!"
Frank Ishizaki, Production Coordinator - Imagecraft Productions, Los Angeles

“Kevin Braband has a knack for making production work easy on the director. His demeanor is pleasant, good-humored, and professional, and he goes out of his way to offer support where needed. He also is extremely well prepared, and always has just the right tools and gear at his fingertips. When I work with Kevin, I get to concentrate on being creative instead of worrying about the details”
Paul Barrie, Senior Video Producer, Wells Fargo

"In a business in which there are far too many "look how clever I can be with video technology kind of guys," it's a real treasure to find someone with skill and sensitivity."
Susan Kazan - The Resource Bank

"Kevin's blend of technical expertise and artistic insight is just right. Most importantly, Kevin genuinely enjoys his work, and that makes him enjoyable to work with. That’s why once our clients have worked with Kevin they ask for him on their next San Francisco shoot.”
Ms. Andrea Keating, Founder/CEO, Crews Control

"During one of our road trips for a Shell Oil project, I was looking for a professional Steadicam operator with a personality. I found both when I was introduced to Kevin. A real pro who knows his craft and a great guy to boot."
Robb Capielo, President - CP Communications

"Attention to detail, creative ideas, fresh attitude: not only is Kevin Braband a complete professional, he's also a blast to be around. We don't have time for stick-in-the-muds. That's why we love seeing Kevin coming through the door."
Patrick Flaherty, Independent Producer

“Great Eye. Good Guy.”
Scott Gibbs Owner, Quadrant Productions

"Kevin is professional, dependable, punctual, and experienced in all areas of production. His commitment to the success of the finished product is apparent in his work ethic.”
Tim Ewell, Producer - Trinity Media Services