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Red Epic

EPIC is the most flexiable camera in the world. Custom builds and looks provide the world with a true digital successor to film. Boasting 5K resolution, six times the resolution of HD video, or 4k, 2k, even 1080, and up to 120 frame per second shooting rates, in a package small enough to be handheld and at a fraction of the cost that anything that it competes with, EPIC is the motion picture and video camera of the future. Based on the concept of DSMC (Digital Still & Motion Camera) EPIC provides a camera with a 14MP sensor capable of shooting from one frame to 120 frames per second.

EPIC offers a choice of interchangeable lens mounts, allowing the user to select PL mount, Canon EF mount, Nikon mount and specialized RED Electronic mount lenses. Never before has the photographer/cinematographer been given so many options. With EPIC, the possibilities for what the future holds are limitless. We offer the EPIC in different setups. Canon or PL lenses. Multiple monitoring options, larger batteries, follow focus, Matteboxes, and more.